We are selling very good looking reptile cages that are made by proffesional reptile cage making people. We sell: Reptile cages Square Large Reptile cages Square Medium Reptile cages Square Small Reptile cages Comelian Reptile cag

  CANNISTER FILTERS: DOPHIN C - 500  ( 200L , 500L/H) DOPHIN C - 700  ( 200L , 800L/H) DOPHIN C - 1000 (                         ) DOPHIN C - 1300 ( 400L , 1000L/H) DOPH

  Our fishtanks prices are very low and our fishtanks are properly build in all standard sizes.                         &nb

   We sell bird cages at very low prices and bird cages that are of popular sizes. We also build bird cages in any size that you would like the bird cage to be. Our bird cages are made out of round bars and mesh of good quality. The bird

  We sell seeds to our valuable customers at very good prices. We sell most seeds for most aviary kept birds and food for handrearing birds. Seeds that we stock are: Seed - Budgie          &n

NEST - COCKATIEL                                 FRONT INSPECTION NEST - COCKATIEL 

  We sell the best quality of mesh that is galvanised after welding. We sell the following mesh sizes. If we don't have in stock we can ORDER, we don't keep all the sizes in stock.        &nb